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What Is The Deal With Glacial Clay In Skincare?

What Is The Deal With Glacial Clay In Skincare?

More than 2.5 million years ago, glacier and ocean deposits started forming along the northern Pacific coast of Canada, and they continue to do so to this day. The convergence of mountains and ocean waters create a nutritive silt composed of more than 60 rare earth elements and marine-rich ions that are continuously enriched by the flow of the sea and sand together. It is the only clay of its kind in the world, and Nena Skincare is the only product line to offer it in its purest and truest form.

Found only on the northern coast of British Columbia, this glacial clay has served the Homalco First Nations people well for hundreds of years. The First Nations people continue to use this clay for medicinal purposes to this day. Ingesting one teaspoon helps strengthen the immune system for harsh Canadian winters, while topical applications of the natural clay can help heal cuts and scratches and other superficial wounds.

Nana's tests have proven their Glacial Oceanic Clay is one of the best products available on the market. It is suitable for every skin type to help heal, restore, rejuvenate and moisture the skin back to youthful glory.

The Harvest

Glacial oceanic clay rests beneath a blanket of humus and is constantly refreshed by the ocean. It is accessible for harvest only once a year and with very strict governmental, environmental and community guidelines.

This precious material is collected with strict adherence to Canadian environmental regulations and with every precaution taken to ensure that the pristine nature of this rare site is preserved forever. Ironwood Clay Company prides itself on harvesting this natural clay with zero ecological footprint, all-the-while helping the First Nations communities who make this process possible for us.

Because the glacial clay is a unique and rare Canadian natural resource, the Canadian government has strict protection measures. Only Ironwood Clay Company has all the government permits and manufacturing certifications to perform this operation.

Once harvested, the clay is put into plastic tote bags and taken from Northern BC to Vancouver via a big barge, then unloaded and sterilized in our factory in Richmond, BC. The clay remains all natural – the clay that is harvested is the same clay we use in our factory with no alterations it remains all-natural.

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Why Nena Skincare?

Nena Skincare, the house brand of Ironwood Clay, first launched in the 1990s. To the local First Nation tribe, Nena means ‘magical’ and ‘mystical’ in their native tongue. The star product of this skincare system is the Glacial Clay Mask, which contains more than 99% of natural clay. This deep cleansing mask is great for combating the effects of pollution and detoxifies while hydrating the skin. Nena Skincare believes in letting the glacial clay do its magic on your skin without adding any additional chemicals.

8 reasons to choose Nena Skincare

  1. Rich in Minerals: This clay has been maturing off the west coast of Canada over thousands of years. Formed by the movement of glaciers, it contains more than 70 minerals unique to this part of the world.
  2. Magnetic Clean: The skin’s impurities are positively charged, while the particles in the clay are negatively charged. When applied to the skin, the negative ions from the clay attract the impurities in the skin. When you wash your face, the impurities are removed with the clay ensuring a deep clean.
  3. Reducing Pore Size: After removing the impurities such as oil and dirt from the pores, glacial oceanic clay also helps to reduce pore size, leaving the skin porcelain smooth.
  4. Natural Skin Hydration: Oceanic clay uses its osmotic strength to pull moisture up from deep inner tissues to hydrate the face. It cleans the skin but does not dehydrate it as other cleansing agents may do.
  5. Cleaning Barrier: Due to their minute sizes, glacial oceanic clay particles act as an emulsifying agent. They form a barrier around the oily particles on your skin, which then allows them to be removed effectively when you rinse your face.
  6. Healing Properties: The clay acts as dermatological protector, with anti-inflammatory properties, cooling and soothing the skin with each application.
  7. Balanced pH: Glacial oceanic clay helps maintain a balanced skin pH with powerful buffering capability. It also helps to strengthen the barrier function of the skin to keep it healthy and beautiful.
  8. UV protection: The clay’s minerals work together to form natural and long-lasting protection against UVB, UVA and UVC rays.


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