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Nena Skincare

Nena is a natural skincare made with sustainably harvested and clinically proven Glacial Oceanic Clay from a pristine source in Northern British Columbia. Rich in over 60 minerals and botanical extracts, it helps cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin.

Nena, the house brand of Ironwood Clay, first launched in the 1990s. To the local First Nation tribe, Nena means ‘magical’ and ‘mystical’ in their native tongue. The star product of this skincare system is the Glacial Clay Mask, which contains more than 99% of natural clay. This deep cleansing mask is great for combating the effects of pollution and detoxifies while hydrating the skin. Nena believes in letting the glacial clay do its magic on your skin without adding any additional chemicals.

Nena’s natural oceanic clay is 100% all natural. With Nena, you only get
Earth’s finest product with no added ingredients while other facial clays
contain a mix of ingredients with very little clay.

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