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Have You Seen These Viral TikTok Hair Trends!

Have You Seen These Viral TikTok Hair Trends!

Whether you love or hate Tik Tok, its’ hard to deny the impact it has made over the last year. TikTok has majorly influence our fashion choices, makeup styles, skin care routines, and more. Over the last year, 100’s of hair trends have gone viral on the platform and it's become a frequent source of aesthetic inspiration - it would be also safe to say that its impact on hair trends specifically has been tremendous. Let's get acquainted with some to the most popular hair trends there that can take your hairstyle up a notch.

Rice Water

People have been praising Rice Water for generations, women in Southeast Asia have used rice water as a hair treatment for centuries and with nearly 150 million views using the hashtag #ricewater and it’s becoming more and more popular. Bursting with hair-loving ingredients including natural proteins, vitamins, and minerals that help to detangle, strengthen, and hydrate your hair. There isn’t concrete scientific evidence that rice water can help with hair loss but using this treatment as a hair rinse can help strengthen your hair, reduce breakage, frizz, and tangles. It’s packed full of protein which is good in the right dosage too much and it can build-up on the scalp and make hair dry and brittle. If you are going to do this, try it once a week and keep an eye on the feel of your hair. If it feels drier and coarser, stop. You can also try Kitsch Rice Water shampoo and conditioner to prevent split ends and encourages hair growth, while adding shine & bounce to dull, dry hair. 

Heatless Hairstyle Technique

If you’re looking to achieve a voluminous ‘90s blowout, or some gorgeous waves without heat, give velcro rollers -  yes, the same kind of rollers that have been popular for decades - a go. Another heatless hairstyle technique that reached viral status on TikTok is bathrobe curls. This trend has people using robe belts or similar objects, like Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set, to wrap their hair around while it’s partially damp. You simply wrap small sections of damp hair around the belt, let them set for several hours, and then remove the tie to reveal curls. Avoid the heat damage with this perfect alternative to traditional hot tools.

Aloe Vera for Hair Hydration

Hailed for its natural healing properties, Aloe vera is said to promote hair growth, prevent itching and reduce dandruff. It’s packed with antioxidants including beta-carotene and Vitamin C and E, that can strengthen your hair over time, with over 95% water contents, Aloe vera is a great natural hydrator that keeps hair shiny and soft. The latest TikTok tips suggest creating a hair mask by mixing a spoonful of castor oil with the inside of an aloe vera leaf. This isn’t great if you suffer with dandruff as an overgrowth of yeast on the scalp can contribute to dandruff and yeast feeds off excess oil. However the juice from the inside of an aloe vera plant is a gentle natural conditioner and can soothe an itchy scalp but there is no evidence it can aid hair growth.

Y2K Hairstyles

If you need proof that trends are cyclical, look no further than Y2K beauty and fashion making a major comeback. The resurgence of 2000s trends made its way to hair too 一 think chunky highlights, zigzag parting, bubble ponytails and butterfly & jumbo clips like Kitsch Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Shape Claw Clip. These hairstyles are fun, easy to achieve and totally customizable.

Hanging Your Head Upside Down

This method involves massaging a warm natural oil into your scalp and then hanging your head upside down for 4 minutes every day. And massaging your scalp will definitely help increase blood flow to the hair follicles while removing build-up for fuller, healthier hair. While in theory it might work, it’s simpler and more effective to simply massage your scalp using your fingers or the Manta Healthy hairbrush to boost circulation, without feeling uncomfortable. You can do this in the shower as well if you are time poor – while hanging upside down could take some prep.

Hair Slugging

If you're familiar with TikTok beauty trends, slugging isn't a new concept. Born from a Korean skincare technique, it involves slathering your skin in a moisture-trapping occlusive - most commonly petroleum jelly - and letting it sink in while you sleep. This viral trend has helped people get relief from things like over-exfoliating, product irritation, and seasonal dry skin. But there's a new form of slugging that has been gaining social traction lately—slugging enthusiasts have taken this viral TikTok hack and adapted it for their strands. The #hairslugging hashtag has racked up millions of views and is the latest hair trend to be influenced by skincare. 
Hair slugging practices the same basic formula as skin slugging: applying a heavy application of oil or conditioner all over hair - try Yves Rocher Monoi Traditional Nourishing Oil or Earth Harbor SUNSTONE Hair Revive Elixir
- and covering it tightly with a sock or a wrap overnight. Hair slugging can help make your strands less frizzy, more resistant to breakage, and overall shinier.

Wolf cut

If you’re feeling up for something a little more low-key but with a chic, summery bounce, then look no further than the wolf cut. Comprising super choppy layers, shorter at the front and with a heavy crown on top, it’s one of the most popular hair trends of the moment – the hashtag has more 100s of million views. Think of it as a modified mullet that looks modern.

With billions of views on #hairgrowth on Tik Tok, it’s easy to see how these tips have become a huge hair trend, but its best to approach these hacks with a healthy dose of inquiry and always talk to a professional for true expert advice.



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