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New Self-Tanners In Town To Get Your Glow On This Summer!

New Self-Tanners In Town To Get Your Glow On This Summer!

Say Hello To Summer Without the Skin Damage With Our Newest Self Tanners

Now that swimsuit season is here, most of us want our pasty skin to be a thing of the past. Sure, soaking up some rays might be the shortcut to bronze beauty status, but it is not an available option for most of us right now; in addition, it comes at a pretty steep price for our skin.

Sunburns and freckles aside, over 90% of visible signs of aging are caused by UV rays from the sun. And, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation*, sun exposure contributes to 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers, and about 86% of melanoma skin cancers.

Now for the good news: self tanners give you that sun-kissed look you crave without any of the skin damage.

If you’re ready to get your glow on, our freshest selection of self-tanners have got you covered this season. Even better, they contain skin-loving ingredients that leave your skin even healthier and more beautiful than before. (Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!)

New Self-Tanners In Town To Get Your Glow On This Summer!

1. Color-correcting

Want a fake tan without the tell-tale tangerine tint? MineTan Violet Self Tan Foam is your new best friend. Quadruple bronzers combine with color correcting purple pigments to deliver a deep, bronze that develops in just one hour. Wash off in the shower afterward for just a hint of flawless tint. Leave it on, and it will continue to develop into a deep, long-lasting tan within eight hours. Even better, the vitamin-packed formula goes on streak-free and is perfectly suited to all skin types and tones.


SOSU by SJ Luxury Self Tanning Products - Count On Us Canada

2. Luxurious

Whether it’s a vacation or “fakation” for you this year, SOSU by SJ Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse will give you that intense just-got-back-from-Curaçao color you crave - no passport required!

The easy-to-apply vegan formula gives you a fuss-free, chocolatey tan with a natural fade. With its luxe tropical-scented blend of skin-loving hyaluronic acid, goji berries, chamomile, and vitamins A and E, this self-tanner is paradise in a bottle.

3. Hydrating

When your skin is fried but you still want a fake bake, let MineTan Coconut Water Self Tan Foam come to the rescue. It contains intensely quenching coconut water, jojoba and argan oils to soothe and hydrate parched skin, leaving it supple and sublimely sun-kissed. 100% natural DHA adds natural color without leaving behind zero orange tones or fake tan smell, is suitable for all skin tones and types.


Loving Tan Self Tanning Mousse - Count On Us Canada

4. Instant color

If you want to add red carpet-ready radiance to your skin in seconds, get your glow on the go with Loving Tan 2 HR Express Dark Self Tanning Mousse. Just one layer of this heavenly-scented alcohol-free blend of highly active ingredients adds instant sun-kissed color in just one layer. Not only does this aloe vera and walnut oil-infused formula contains organic DHA, but it dries in under one minute. Talk about “sun” on the run!


b.tan forever + ever self tan mousse - Count On Us Canada

5. Long-lasting

If you don’t want your tan to fade as fast as the fame of most reality TV stars, b.tan forever + ever will give you color that just won’t quit. Forget frequent top-ups -- the fluffy mousse adds rich, realistic radiance that will keep you glowing and glowing for up to 11 days. With results this beautiful, we think this 100% natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty-free formula is worth the commitment.

*The Skin Cancer Foundation.