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The Eyes Have It: Secrets to Eye Beauty

The Eyes Have It: Secrets to Eye Beauty

Ever wonder how women get those long, flirty lashes that complement an eye look?  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lashes are the shutters and the right lashes will make your eyes stand out. In addition to lashes, eye makeup also enhances the eyes and adds finishing touches to the face. Here are some eye beauty tips.

The key to great lashes

Great lashes start with an understanding of the eye, its shape, and what enhancements suit them. The first thing you need to get familiar with is the shape of your eye. There are seven standard eye shapes:


  • Almond-eyes point upwards at the corners
  • Close set- eyes are close together
  • Wide-set- Eyes are far apart
  • Hooded-monolid; upper lid is less pronounced
  • Deep set-Eyes rest under the brow bone
  • Small eyes- eyes are tiny
  • Protruding- Eyes are big and wide
  • Downturn- corners of the eye angle downwards


Almond-shaped eyes are the most common eye shape. It’s important to learn what your eye shape is so you can pick the right lashes and makeup looks. For instance, someone with small eyes shouldn’t wear huge fan-shaped lashes because their eyes will practically disappear.

There are lots of eyelash types on the market, so you need to experiment before selecting a pair. Play around with lash strips and individual lashes to see what look and style you like the best. Once you’ve selected the right pair for your needs, invest in an eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers add extra oomph to the lashes and help set them in place.

Playing with color

Once you’ve found your lashes, now it’s time to play with eye color. Eyeshadow palettes are a great way to explore the various colors out there. Most eye palettes have a color theme. Some feature mostly nude, muted tones while others have bright, bold colors. The choice is yours. Although there are some tips for eyeshadow placement based on your eye shape. Smaller eyes can actually benefit from bright colors which sometimes gives the appearance of larger eyes. For those with hooded eyes, using a dark color in the crease will give the illusion of larger eyes.

Eye Care 

With all the eye makeup and lashes, you’re gonna need to cleanse and hydrate the skin. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate skin on the body and it needs special care. Try to use a gentle eye makeup remover to get rid of residue. Next, cleanse your skin and apply an eye cream. An eye cream contains the nutrients the skin needs to rejuvenate itself and protect against damage. It’s best to use eye creams at night right before you go to bed. While you sleep the cream is working diligently to repair the skin through cell turnover. With the right eye cream, you’ll wake up with glowing, healthy skin. Look for eye creams with natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E. Natural ingredients are easier for the skin to absorb and they work wonders for eye care.