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Fall Back into Skin Care

Fall Back into Skin Care


When the weather starts to get cooler, it’s time to transition to a fall skin care routine. Your skin reacts to the elements, so you’ll need to change things up. Here are a few things you can do to keep your skin looking its best year-round.



Use a good cleanser that gently exfoliates and hydrates your skin. Washing away the dead skin cells will give you a more youthful appearance and get your skin ready for serums and moisturizers.


Don’t Forget Eye Cream

After applying serum(s), apply eye cream(s) to give attention to the sensitive areas surrounding the eyes. Opt for a hydrating eye cream with algae extract for antioxidant and emollient properties or choose  an eye cream that combats dark under eye circles, with a powerful ingredient, like haloxyl, to help repair the underlying problem of dark undereye shadows by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for increased blood pigments.


Add a Facial Oil

Now that the air is dryer, your skin may need added moisture. Squalane Oil is an excellent choice for oily, breakout-prone, or combination skin because it has antibacterial benefits and helps to seal in moisture while remaining lightweight. It is also ideal for helping to protect against pollutants. 


Step Up Your Moisturizer Routine

Usually, fall air is dryer. Mixing a hyaluronic acid serum with your moisturizer will enhance moisture-sealing properties to combat dry skin and make skin appear more luminous. Use your moisturizer in the morning and at night to keep your skin hydrated.


Don’t Stop Using SPF

The harsh summer rays of the sun may be fading, but your skin is still vulnerable to UV damage. You may not tan as well as you do in the summer, but the UVA rays that may contribute to skin cancer are still prevalent in the fall. Use SPF protection on your face, neck and exposed skin to prevent lasting sun damage. Vitamin C can be utilized prior to your SPF to help protect your skin from free radical damage and environmental pollutants.