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4 Reasons Why Millions of Women are Switching to Rice Water

4 Reasons Why Millions of Women are Switching to Rice Water


Rice water, the liquid left behind from soaking the grain, has been making the rounds on the app as a savior for drab locks. Videos featuring the #ricewater tag have garnered more than 642 million collective views, with users saying that it has helped them boost hair growth and revive damaged hair.

Despite the recent surge in popularity, the practice isn't anything new. It actually dates all the way back to the Heian Period (794 to 1185), when Japanese court ladies famously had floor-length hair. It's said that they combed it every day using Yu-Su-Ru, or the rinse water from the washing of rice.

So, should you be adding the ingredient to your hair care regimen? and what are the potential benefits of rice water hair care ?

1. supports growth

The amino acids present in it help in the regeneration of hair and aid faster growth of your hair. It contains vitamins B, C, and E, which further help in hair growth.

2. strengthening

Just as protein helps build strong and healthy muscles, the protein in rice water is believed to help improve the overall condition of hair.

3. smoothing

Damaged and high porosity hair has difficulty retaining moisture, resulting in frizz and split ends. The proteins found in rice water may counteract this, reducing breakage and improving hair's texture.

4. balanced
Although hair needs moisture to stay healthy, excess moisture can actually do more harm than good. To rebalance overly moisturized locks (aka hygral fatigue), try a protein treatment like a rice water.