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Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls Set of 3 + Laundry Essential Oil Collection

  • $36.99 CAD

Naturally soften your laundry with Woolzies Dryer Balls. Woolzies Set of 3 Dryer Balls
contains extra-large unscented wool dryer balls made from pure, organic New
Zealand wool. This all-natural product contains no fillers, additives, or chemicals and is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The dryer balls do not shed and are safe for people with wool sensitivities.

This set also includes the Woolzies Laundry Essential Oil Collection that is made up of three unique oil blends that offer fresh laundry scents. These blends are designed for use with Woolzies wool dryer balls but can also be inhaled, diffused, and used topically.

What's inside:

  • Wool Dryer Balls Set of 3
  • Citrus Clean Blend 
  • Petal Fresh Blend
  • Still Breeze Blend

Woolzies dryer balls naturally soften laundry and reduce wrinkles. They bounce around inside the dryer creating space between laundry items. This allows the hot air to circulate, reducing drying time by up to 25% and saving you electricity and money. They are super quiet and reduce static build up. Our dryer balls can be used over and over again as they last for up to 1,000 loads.

Add 3 dryer balls to a medium load of laundry for soft, fresh clothes.

After your clothes have already been dried add 3-6 drops of your desired essential oil to the dryer balls and put them in the dryer. Run the dryer again on an Air Fluff (non-heated) cycle for 10 minutes and your laundry will come out smelling amazing and fresh.

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