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Woolzies Laundry & Linen Spray Set

  • $24.99 CAD

Size: 3x50mL

Enjoy Woolzies 100% natural sprays with essential oils, designed for use with Woolzies Dryer Balls to perfectly scent your freshly washed laundry or linen to leave laundry fresh, fragrant & chemical-free!


  • STILL BREEZE: Relax and rejuvenate with this perfect balance of Lavender and Jasmine! Lavender oil is calming, and comforting while the jasmine oil is a natural energizer.
  • CITRUS CLEAN: This cheerful and positive blend of orange and lemongrass essential oils gives your laundry a fresh clean scent while energizing your day. Happy doing laundry.
  • PETAL FRESH: This is a blend of rose and jasmine oils which has a rich floral aroma.

Spritz linen, wool dryer balls, or fresh laundry with a light mist. Optional: lean in & breathe that sweet, fresh scent for a quick pick-me-up!