• Velour Lashes - Mink Lashes Collection (Take it and Go)

Velour Lashes - Mink Lashes Collection (Take it and Go)

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Style: Take it and Go

  • Band: Cotton Thread
  • Colour: Natural Black
  • Length: 4-14mm
  • Type: Mink Hair

You better take it and run girl, before its all sold out! This beautiful criss cross winged lash allows for the whispiest lash look you have been waiting for. Thick at the base but whispie at the ends gives you the perfect balance of dramatic and natural. Yes, sometimes something so beautiful can feel illegal.

About Mink Lashes Collection:

  • 100% MINK Lashes - Natural Mink material offers a soft feather feel for a natural luxurious look
  • Average 25 Applications - Long Lasting lashes that maintain its shape and form
  • Comfortable & Lightweight - Mink allows for a light & comfortable wear every time
  • Easy Application - Specially developed cotton thread band allows for easy & fast application