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Unicorn Superfoods Handheld Milk Frother

  • $21.59 CAD
  • $26.99 CAD
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Create frothy drinks right from your home with Unicorn Superfoods Handheld Milk Frother which can be used for coffee, lattes, hot chocolate and superfood drinks. Your friends and family will adore the barista style drinks that you make them with Unicorn Superfoods milk frother.

This handheld device is equipped with 2 different heads. For frothing up drinks it is recommend to use the double spring whisk head. For mixing flax or egg use the balloon whisk.

It’s as simple as adding 1-2 tsps of one of our superfood powders or latte blends with hot water and use the double spring whisk head to froth the liquid. Then froth milk in a separate cup and pour over the latte and enjoy.

Unicorn Superfoods Milk Frother is a must have in your kitchen!

Included inside the box:
  • 3 speed body machine
  • Balloon whisk
  • Double spring whisk head
  • USB cable for charging