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Unicorn Superfoods Berrylicious Blend

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Weight: 100g
Taste: Sweet berry flavour

An energizing blend made with various superfood berries designed to help energy levels, detoxify the body and maintain a healthy weight.

  • Good source of antioxidants.
  • This unique blend makes you feel satisfied and full to conquer your day!
  • Contains a source of fibre.
  • Add our Berrylicious Blend Powder to water, smoothies, lattes, baked treats, breakfast food, sweets and whatever your creative mind can think of!

Recommended serving: 1-2 tsp or desired amount

Best stored refrigerated below 10°C.

Acai Berry, Blueberry, Black Goji Extract, Macqui Berry, Blackberry and Monk Fruit Extract.

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