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Teami Blends MIXit Portable Smoothie Blender (Black)

  • $94.99 CAD
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Your healthy lifestyle solution! Make superfood smoothies, juice and even baby food - ON THE GO!

Living a healthy lifestyle just got SO MUCH EASIER!

Let’s be real, life is BUSY no matter what type of schedule you have! Whether you are a career professional, mama bear, student or a wellness advocate, you are always on the GO!

We understand that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle while also being a busy bee / multi-tasker can be challenging - which is why Teami Blends spent over 12 months perfecting their new Teami MIXit Portable Smoothie Blender! 

The Teami MIXit is a USB rechargeable portable smoothie blender that allows you to make and take your smoothies + juice on the go! Just one press of a button and you’ll get your nutritious superfood smoothie in just 30 seconds! No mess, no spill and no need to plug into a power outlet! Convenient, cute and perfect for a busy, healthy lifestyle! 


  • 18.6 OZ (550ml) Durable Glass Cup. (Yes, it’s GLASS baby, not flimsy plastic!!)
  • 6 Powerful Stainless Steel Blades for smooth blend. 
  • Convenient Sport Top 
  • Comfortable Rubber Strap for easy carry
  • Blends Fruits, Herbs, Powders, Veggies and Ice
  • Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, juice and baby food
  • Easy Cleaning - every part of our Teami MIXit is disassembled . Each piece disassembles for easy cleaning
  • The glass bottle on the MIXit is 100% BPA free!


  • Batter life: A fully charged MIXit (1-2 hours to fully charge) will show a solid green light on the START/STOP button. When your MIXit is fully charged it will have a 4-6 hour battery life!
  • Before you turn on: Once you twist your MIXit glass bottle onto the base, it will light up blue! If it is flashing blue and red it is not locked and not ready to blend.
  • Turn On: Once your MIXit is charged and full of ingredients, press the button twice to start blending! It will blend for 30 seconds, or you can press the button once to turn it off!
  • Teami Blends recommends always adding a bit of liquid into your Teami MIXit first, then adding your ice or frozen fruit with it for it to blend best!
  • Do not put hot liquids that are over 120° F / 49°C into your MIXit as it may cause damage or leaking to the bottle and base.
  • The options are endless to use MIXit, seriously!! Fruit, veggies, herbs, powders and ice! Make smoothies, juice and even baby food on the go!


  • The glass bottle on the MIXit is 100% BPA free!
  • Do not use Teami MIXit while it is charging.
  • Do not place the electrical bottom connector into the water during cleaning. This part does not need to be cleaned, make sure it is set aside!
  • Do not place the MIXit under heavy load to prevent overheating of electronic components, which may lead to lifetime reduction of this product.
  • Do not operate or attach the blade section to the main unit without the glass attachment.