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Sproos Premium Grass-Fed Collagen Peptide Powder

  • $29.99 CAD
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Size :Tub 300g

Sproos Premium Grass-Fed Collagen Peptide Powder is highly soluble, digestible and bio-available, meaning it is easily absorbed by the body. It works to restore and rebuild the body’s collagen, countering the effects of natural collagen decline which happens with age. Sproos sources its Grass-Fed Collagen peptides from North American grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle to ensure a natural, sustainable source of this powerful superfood. Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein – it’s found in our skin, muscles, bones, blood vessels, digestive systems and tendons. Sadly, our body’s natural ability to produce collagen wanes with age, which can lead to chronic health issues like joint pain, digestive issues, low mood and dull, dry skin. Science is showing that by taking collagen supplements, we can regenerate, repair and strengthen connective tissue. Resulting in global benefits for our entire body. Sproos up your health by adding a grass-fed collagen supplement to your daily routine. Made in Canada.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 10g of 100% pure grass-fed collagen peptides per serving; High bio-availability for optimal absorption.
  • CLEAN: Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO. Sproos never uses any fillers, artificial colours or flavours.
  • HIGHLY SOLUBLE: Easily mix one scoop or sachet per day to a hot or cold beverage of your choice. The taste-free powder dissolves easily in any drink.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raise cattle from North American ranches; Packaging is recyclable and BPA-free.
  • TESTED: Rigorously tested to meet the most stringent worldwide standards for heavy metals and contaminants.

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