• OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - Vineyard Rose - OctoVie
  • OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - Ocean Blue - OctoVie
  • OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - OctoVie
  • OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - OctoVie
  • OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - OctoVie
  • OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - OctoVie
  • OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body - OctoVie

OctoVie Skin Brush for Face and Body

$19.99 CAD

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Revolutionary Face & Body skin care brush for wet. dry use. Skin brushing helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil and make-up revealing soft, clean, smooth, looking skin again! Skin brush your skin (like your hair/teeth) from your nose to your toes. It's a great hypo-allergenic alternative to germ-filled loofahs, bath poufs, mitts or face cloths. Better than fingers alone. The OctoVie skincare brush promotes a mini-spa experience every day you use it. Pointed tip is for smaller creases on face, the larger side is ideal for body use.

What is OctoVie?
This must have “smart skincare brush” comes in two sizes:
• BODY + FACE (firmer feel) in our signature colors; vineyard rose and ocean blue.
• FACE Mini (squishy feel) in our clear version so you can see all of the impurities and makeup extracted from your skin during your beauty routine.

How to Use OctoVie?
Brush until skin is slightly pink, not red. Brush WET daily with your favorite cleanser or brush DRY before showering or after toweling off. Use as a beauty tool to apply moisturizer, makeup, masks and foundations. Rinse after each use, store brush-side up. Replace every 3 months.

The Results:
The OctoVie skincare brush delivers an at-home spa experience with 3-in-1 beauty benefits for clean, baby soft skin that leaves you “feeling good in your skin”.

  • HYGIENIC, CLEAN BEAUTY: Skin brushing is an ancient beauty method that enhances skin beauty and well-being. Delivers a gentle cleansing, exfoliating, massage for cleaner, softer, skin. Reusable, non-porous brush for your home, beauty, gym, travel bag.
  • MADE in USA: Recyclable, Eco-friendly Beauty Product ~ No BPA, non- Latex, Phthalate-Free. Flexible grip that won’t slip when wet or dry. Rinses fresh, clean for a hygienic cleansing every time you use it.
  • Feels so good, finger-like nubs help minimize clogged pores, fine lines. and wrinkles. Massage nubs for skin circulation, lifting away dry, dead skin cell build-up & impurities so skin can breathe.
  • Use for two minutes twice daily. Apply any cleanser using gentle, upward circular motions. Brush rinses clean with tepid water. Apply your favorite moisturizer or serum, use nubs to deliver ingredients into your skin vs. fingertips absorbing all that goodness. Works great for applying foundation while plumping, minimizing dry skin, finish blending with makeup sponge. Quick tip: Makeup artist use OctoVie to cleanse their makeup brushes like fluffy, new again. A must try!
  • Remove dull skin cells, dirt, oil and make-up better than hands alone with this gentle cleansing brush. Use daily WET or weekly (2-3X) DRY to exercise lymphatic system for an invigorating cleanse to assist in the removal of dead skin cells, toxins. Your skin is your largest breathable, absorb-able, protective organ.