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Maroma Perfume Oil Jasmine Night

  • $23.99 CAD

 Size: 10mL

Maroma's Perfume combines the use of traditional essential oils with a sophisticated European methodology. The results are highly concentrated, alcohol-free aromatics that, when applied to the skin, remain active much longer than standard perfumes.

Blended with natural essential oils, these subtle yet memorably appealing fragrances offer a pleasant relief from the daily pressures of contemporary living. 

NIGHT JASMINE is sweet and spicy.

This is a highly concentrated fragrance. Do not splash it on like a cologne. A small amount, applied to the wrist, neck or other pulse points will last all day.

Parfum (Fragrance), Cananga Odorata Oil (Ylang Ylang Oil), Jasminum Officinale Oil (Jasmine Absolute), Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Absolute)