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Manta Healthy Hair Brush (Pink)

  • $41.99 CAD

Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily
Hair Concerns: Frizz - Thinning - Damage, Split Ends, and Breakage

Ultra-gentle for minimum hair breakage and maximum shine. Manta Healthy Hair Brush is suitable for all hair types including fine, fragile, thick, curls, coils, children, men, and hair extension wearers. A brush that’s uniquely designed for fragile hair that bends and molds to the shape of your hand and scalp, creating less tension on each strand.

Innovation in hair health
Pioneering, patented FLEXGUARD™ technology on the base enables each bristle to have complete 360 degrees motion to gently free knots & minimize breakage. Created from soft touch silicone The MANTA has no rough edges to catch or tear the hair shaft.


  • As gentle as running your fingers through your hair
  • Delivers minimum breakage and maximum shine
  • Suitable for all hair types and hair extensions
  • Before use, bend and flex the Manta in your hands—the more you do this the more flexible it becomes.
  • Place the handle in between your fingers to give maximum control and comfort.

You can use the Manta:

  • When shampooing to gently exfoliate your scalp.
  • On wet hair to apply a conditioning treatment from root to tip.
  • On dry hair for minimum breakage and maximum shine.