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Kitsch PONYFULL® Black

  • $16.99 CAD

Ready to take your ponytail to the next level? Create a fuller, thicker, more voluminous looking pony in minutes with Kitsch PONYFULL®!

This patent pending styling tool slides into your ponytail effortlessly & comfortably adding fullness & height without the use of expensive extensions.

A styling tool essential for elevating thin, lackluster ponytails to show-stopping perfect ponies.


  • Your ponytail, but better
  • Styling tool
  • Offers a fuller, thicker and more voluminous ponytail
  • Ideal for thin hair types
  • Slides into your hair

Reasons Why Women are loving the Kitsch Ponyfull:

  1. No extensions: No expensive extensions, just a simple easy to use product you can put in and take out any time.
  2. Easy to use: No special skills needed. Just part your ponytail, slide it in between, and cover.
  3. Time saver: All you need is 5 minutes! Create gorgeous ponytail looks instantly.
  4. Looks natural: The ponyfull creates a more natural look from all angles.

Main: 95% Silicone, 5% Polyester.

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