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Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties 8 Pack (Brunette)

  • $11.99 CAD

Hair Type: straight, wavy, curly, and coily
Hair Texture: fine, medium, and thick
Hair Concerns: frizz, hold , and damage/split ends/breakage

Telephone cord style hair ties! Creaseless and dent-free hair coils by KITSCH come in an assortment of brown hues. Headache & kink-free and perfect for every hair type! Pack includes 8 hair coils.

This set of hair ties with smooth plastic spiral construction helps prevent tangling and consequently prevents hair breakage when you remove them.


  • Helps prevent ponytail bumps and hair headaches
  • Waterproof and hygienic
  • Cute in your hair and on your wrist

The spiral design of telephone-cord hair ties spreads the "pressure" of the hair elastic out over a greater surface area of your hair, which helps to minimize the dreaded ponytail bump that hair ties can create on styled hair. Hair headaches from too-tight ponytails are also a thing of the past.

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