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Grow Gorgeous Overnight Hair Wrap

  • $44.99 CAD
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Hair Type: All hair types, particularly curly and afro hair


Looking to level up your beauty sleep? Wake up to the hair of your dreams with the help of our NEW Overnight Hair Wrap.

A luxurious addition to your bedtime routine, the vegan-friendly satin sleep turban helps to protect hair from overnight damage and reduce the appearance of frizz as you slumber, so you can rise and shine to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair.


The must-have overnight accessory offers a number of transformative hair benefits for all hair types:

  • Helps to shield hair from frizz, tangles and breakage caused by damaging pillow friction
  • Helps to effortlessly preserve your desired style, reducing daily styling time
  • Keeps hair naturally nourished and healthy-looking with enhanced shine
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of an oily scalp, extending time between washes and blow dries
  • Helps to maintain beautifully defined curls and coils
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Enjoys all the benefits of silk alternatives while being vegan-friendly
Purely Positive Promise: As with all of Grow Gorgeous products, the 100% satin Overnight Hair Wrap is vegan-friendly

  • 95% agree the satin wrap was easy to slip on to their head
  • 90% agree the satin hair wrap helped to keep their curls looking defined
  • 88% felt the hair wrap helped to reduce the appearance of frizzy and flyaway hair in the morning
  • 88% agree the satin hair wrap performance is comparable to their overnight silk accessory
  • 87% claim the satin hair wrap helped to save time when restyling their hair

* Independently tested on a panel of 60 women for 2 weeks (all hair types; chin-length hair or longer; currently using/have used a silk/satin pillowcase/bonnet in the past 12 months)

Scoop up your hair and arrange it in the desired position on top of your head. Gently slide the satin wrap over your gathered style and secure, tucking in any stray hairs. Leave on overnight and gently slide off in the morning. The Overnight Hair Wrap is designed for use on dry hair and should not be worn in conjunction with wet hair or overnight masks.

Composed of 100% satin, woven from polyester. Fits XS - XL head (20 - 26")