• Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein - Creamy Cacao - Count On Us
  • Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein - Creamy Cacao - Count On Us
  • Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein - Creamy Cacao - Count On Us
  • Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein - Creamy Cacao - Count On Us

Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein Packets- Creamy Cacao

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Creamy Cacao, 10 Count

This is an overachieving protein powder. Not just for muscles, it has full-body benefits that include immune system and overall wellness support. Creamy Cacao is heavenly mixed with just water or non-dairy milk in your favorite shaker, but no “Natural Flavors” are invited.

  • Creamy, cacao and not too sweet. This chocolate protein shake is great in coffee or banana smoothies, or shake it in a shaker (we love the ones with the little metal ball in the bottom).
  • No gums, no fillers, no stevia, no gluten, no soy, no “natural flavors”. Only Mother Nature’s secret stash of superfoods.
  • Packing 18 g of sustainably sourced plant-based protein, 1000 mg of functional mushrooms, and 500 mg of adaptogens. We’re not even sure how we fit it all in there (maybe because we don’t include other nonsense).
  • Sustainable organic protein powder: 18 grams plant based protein made with clean protein powder; EU grown hemp protein powder, pea protein from America, organic chia from Canada, German pumpkin protein, and organic coconut protein grown in the Philippines
  • No sketchy ingredients: a vegan protein powder WITH no gums, no fillers, no sketchy "natural flavors," and no Stevia; USDA Organic protein powder that's also gluten-free and vegan
  • Superfood powders: every packet of this low carb protein powder also has 1000mg of functional mushrooms (Chaga extract, reishi extract, turkey Tail extract, Cordyceps extract, and Lion's Mane extract), and 500mg adaptogens (Ashwagandha and Eleuthero)
  • Perfect for all diets: perfect for our Vegan, Dairy Free or gluten-free friends; only natural organic ingredients; No carriers, fillers, natural flavors or artificial flavor


18g Organic Plant-based Protein
More than helping rebuild and repair muscle after a workout, plant-based protein helps you to restore and find balance for overall wellness. To give you a full 18g of organic plant-based protein, there’s organic pea protein, organic hemp seeds, organic chia, organic pumpkin seeds, and organic coconut protein.
Organic Chaga Mushroom (200 mg per serving)
Organic Reishi Mushroom (200 mg per serving)
Organic Cordyceps Mushroom (200 mg per serving)
Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom (200 mg per serving)
Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom (200 mg Per Serving)
Organic Ashwagandha (250 mg per serving)
Organic Eleuthero (250 mg per serving)

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