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Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables™ Longwear Brow Pencil (Dark)

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Shade: Dark

Smudge proof, sweat proof, water resistant brows!

Features & Benefits:
  • Slanted tip to achieve your perfect arch
  • Special blend of natural waxes hold brow hairs in place
  • Dries to a powder finish, giving brows a fuller appearance
  • Comb through product with spoolie brush end to mimic the look of natural hairs
  • Long Lasting, water resistant formula
How to use:
  • Using the spoolie, brush the hair of the eyebrows down.
  • Using the pencil, fill in gaps and create the desired shape with tiny, light, strokes.
  • Brush the brows back up to their groomed position.
  • Fill in any gaps with the pencil, if needed.
  • Brush the brows through again with the spoolie for a soft powder finish.