• Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub - Count On Us
  • Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub - Count On Us
  • Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub - Count On Us
  • Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub - Count On Us
  • Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub - Count On Us

Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub

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Size: 20g/0.7oz

You deserve a smile that always looks its best. Beauty by Earth organic vanilla lip scrub will give you just that. With naturally nourishing ingredients mixed with an enticing vanilla flavor, your smile will look (and feel) its absolute best.


  • SMILE BIG – YOU DESERVE IT! Chapped, flakey lips turning your smile upside down? No worries – Beauty by Earth organic vanilla lip scrub is here to change that. Naturally delicious, this scrub is a safe, gentle, and effective way to banish dry, flaky lips. Use it to exfoliate twice a week for a smile you’ll never want to put away.

  • LIPS ARE MEANT TO BE LUSCIOUS: Give your lips the care they deserve by taking the time to exfoliate once or twice a week. Trust us – with our scrub this definitely won’t be a chore! As it clears away dead skin and other junk, it also nourishes your lips with some of our favorite oils and extracts. When you’re done, your lips will feel as healthy as they look.

  • BEAUTY IS DELICIOUS: There’s a pretty simple reason this product is called a sugar scrub – its base ingredient is fair trade certified sugar. And if that weren’t tasty enough, Beauty by Earth added a generous dose of vanilla flavor. You’ll take amazing care of your lips while enjoying a sweet treat – what’s not to love?

  • NO JUNK ALLOWED: Got junk? We don’t. Just like everything else Beauty by Earth makes, you’ll never find any phthalates, parabens, sulfates, ‘fragrance,’ or other junk in the sugar scrub. Instead, you’ll get a heaping helping of natural oils, extracts, and beeswax. Made in the USA and entirely cruelty free, our scrub is as responsible as it is indulgent.

A Smile as Beautiful as You Are

Nothing ruins a smile like chapped, dry, and flaky lips. If you’re tired of lips that keep your true beauty from shining through, it’s time for a little TLC. The source? Our organic vanilla lip scrub. Packed full of safe, natural ingredients (including jojoba oil, coconut oil, and fair trade certified sugar), this scrub will transform your lips from “blah” to “ahhhhh.” Just apply once or twice a week to clear away the bad and nourish with something very, very good.

Beauty by Earth believes that beauty shouldn’t just look amazing, it should taste amazing too. That’s why they've added a burst of indulgent vanilla flavor to their scrub. You’ll nourish your lips, prime them for color, and enjoy a sweet treat – what’s better than that?

As always, Beauty by Earth organic vanilla lip scrub uses only organic and natural ingredients. They use fair trade certified sugar as a base, then they add in a special formulation of safe, natural, and sustainably sourced oils and extracts. There’s no need to choose between having the smile you deserve and protecting the environment. So stop denying yourself your true smile! Give Beauty by Earth sugar scrub a try and see the difference a natural sugar scrub can make.

How to use:

  1. With clean hands, apply a small amount of sugar scrub to your lips.
  2. Gently massage into your lips using a circular motion.
  3. Allow your scrub to sit for a minute or two.
  4. Use a damp cloth to gently clear away any excess.
  5. Pat your lips dry.
  6. Apply your favorite lip color or chapstick.
  7. Enjoy your beautiful new smile!
Made in USA