• Beauty by Earth Facial Toner With Rose Water (8oz) - Count On Us
  • Beauty by Earth Facial Toner With Rose Water (8oz) - Count On Us
  • Beauty by Earth Facial Toner With Rose Water (8oz) - Count On Us

Beauty by Earth Facial Toner With Rose Water (8oz)

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Nurture your skin with Beauty by Earth witch hazel and rose petal water facial toner. It’s time to give your skin some love – using this toner is a great way to clear oil and dead skin cells while feeling refreshed, cleansed, and soothed.

  • PAMPER YOUR FACE: You deserve the best… and so does your face! Give it a little love with Beauty by Earth facial toner with rose water. This light, cleansing toner gently balances your skin’s pH while hydrating and leaving behind a lovely floral aroma. Make it a part of your morning routine or apply on the go for a little extra freshness.
  • SOOTHE AND SMILE: Skin redness and irritation keeping you from smiling? Apply a little of our rose water toner to get that grin back in business. Enhanced with ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice and organic witch hazel extract, our toner helps soothe away razor burn, inflammation, and redness.
  • FRIENDLY FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – EVEN YOURS: This toner is designed to be compatible with all skin types, from dry to sensitive to oily and everything in between. Because it’s so flexible, it’s easy to add to your current skincare routine. It pairs beautifully with our facial cleanser and facial sunscreen. It also makes a great base layer for cosmetics.
  • NATURAL AND CRUELTY FREE: Beauty by Earth is all about the good stuff. This facial toner never contains phthalates, parabens, sulfates, “fragrance,” or any other sketchy junk. Instead, we use organic aloe vera juice, organic witch hazel extract, organic cucumber fruit extract, and rose water to give your face a natural, cruelty free treat.
Lets Your Inner Beauty Shine Through!

Light, fresh, clean, refreshed… Do those words describe your skin? They will once you start using facial toner with rose water! This light, bright, and refreshing spray helps clear away excess dirt, oil, and dead skin that may be on your face after washing. It also helps nourish your skin, reduce redness, swelling, and irritation, helps relieve sun and razor burn, and just feels really, really good.

What do we like best about Beauty By Earth facial toner with rose water? Besides the fact that it helps make complexions look their best, makes pores smaller, balances skin pH, is easy to use, and smells incredible, it’s made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Everything in the bottle (and, now that we think about it, the bottle itself) is sustainably sourced and entirely cruelty free. There’s really no better way to care for your face.

How to use:
  • Wash your face using your favorite soap or cleanser. For bonus points, use a konjac sponge.
  • Use the spray bottle to apply a few spritzes of toner to your face and decollete. Alternately, you can spray several times onto a cotton round and apply indirectly.
  • Follow up with your favorite facial moisturizer, then continue on to your makeup routine.
  • Spray toner over your makeup throughout the day to keep your face feeling fresh, light, and glowing.
Made in USA

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