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touch in SOL

touch in SOL is a South Korean (K-BTY) brand founded by CEO Sean Lim who was drawn to the happiness in people he saw, in cosmetics stores, trying different products and being entertained by all the changes makeup brought to reveal the beauty they had all along.

He spent hours researching in stores observing how joyous people looked, similar to kids who experienced happiness and wonder at Disneyland, and yet he noticed some people would criticize themselves while testing products, and be visually stressed over it as well. He learned people were no longer enjoying the creative makeup experience, but rather they were fixated on their flaws, such as enlarged pores, makeup creases, fallouts, etc.

He insisted a solution was needed, a reconnection to the enjoyable creativeness makeup can bring, and the fun and excitement that can be experienced through creation and creativity. He created touch in Sol as a journey to bring happiness back to your makeup routine, reconnecting to the beautiful, you have already begun.

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