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Timeless Skin Care HA MATRIXYL 3000 with Cucumber Spray

  • $19.99 CAD
  • $24.99 CAD
Size: Full Size (120ml/4oz)    Introducing a lighter version of Timeless bestselling HA Pure with several added actives. Specifically formulated for the body and face, hydrating your skin has never been easier. Just spray and go!   Application: Spray on skin daily or as needed. Can be applied to skin anywhere on the body!   Ingredients: Water, Aloe Barbadensis, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Calcium Pantothenate, Matrixyl 3000, Cucumber Extract, Phenoxyethanol. When you want an easier way to love your skin and keep it healthy, than using the hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000 spray to get powerful results, is the way to go. Not only do these two components work together to provide your skin with the rejuvenation that it needs, but it also firms and lifts those problem areas that you might not like anymore. You can have a more youthful appearance with just a little tender love and care, and the right skin routine with the right natural skin care products. Learn more about the hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000 spray that you can use to your advantage.   Use a Spray, Instead of the Oily Lotions   If you’re looking for something that you can just spray on and go, then the hyaluronic acid spray is going to be the best option for you to go with. Of course, if you choose to have something a bit different and something that is more like your natural skin care routine, then Matrixyl 3000 serum is also offered.   When these two components are brought together, they provide the user with the right use of the products to smooth out those older skin cells to make way for newer ones. With serum, you just rub and go, but when you’re using a spray; you can spray it on and head out for the day ahead.   Choose a product that loves you back and that wants to provide you with the results you’re looking for when it comes to your skin. With hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000 spray, you can have the convenience and ease you need when you might not have time for a lengthy skin care routine morning and night. This allows you to have an easier way to love the skin you’re in.   Made in USA