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Solinotes Paris. A young brand created in 2010 that has established itself quickly and successfully in international markets. Each Solinotes perfume is an original creation that has been designed around 1 key fragrance note.

Solinotes is a good mood in a bottle. Solinotes fragrances are designed to be layered and worn together, so express your individuality and create your own Solinotes perfume.

Created by South of France perfumers, Solinotes has always showcased its French culture by developing and manufacturing its perfumes in France.

Solinotes perfumes are created using only high-quality ingredients. Dive into the colorful world of Solinotes with 19 addictive fragrances that you can blend together or wear on their own. Solinotes perfumes are made from both natural and synthetic ingredients to offer creative customers every possible horizon to transport and surprise you. Always environmentally-friendly and never tested on animals. 

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