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Recover Twice as fast with Sambucol Black Elderberry extract. Developed by scientists, Sambucol is one of the most researched elderberry products in the world.

The unique black elderberry extract found ONLY in clinically proven Sambucol provides a concentrated source of flavonoids - powerful antioxidants that not only BOOST the immune system but FIGHTS viruses preventing them from spreading.

Sambucol gluten-free & nut-free products provides multi-symptom relief for cold and flu symptoms including: cough, fever, fatigue, headache, congestion, pain, sore throat, body aches and pain.

What makes Sambucol different from other black elderberry products?
ambucol is the original Black Elderberry extract that has been available for the past 20 years. Only Sambucol uses the proprietary elderberry extract that was used in published clinical studies.

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