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Since the summer of ‘69, Heritage Story has been on the journey of soul-to-skin beauty. Feed your skin & energize your soul. For over 50 years, Heritage Story's believed that beauty is more than skin deep — it emanates from the soul.

Clean & Pure: the formulas are made with only the essentials, keeping their ingredient list short so you get more of the good and less of the bad. They avoid unnecessary and harsh ingredients, always formulating to clean beauty standards.

Close to Nature: All of Heritage Story products are plant-based and as natural as possible. Nature never goes out of style. Their products are rooted in botanical formulations with timeless ingredients that have been used for generations.

Elevated Energy: Heritage Story signature Vor-Mag™ water is vortexed and magnetized to promote higher vibrations and energy. They also use crystals in their formulas which are cleansed in the ocean under a full moon, and set with an intention for maximum spiritual effect.

Responsibility: Heritage Story strive to source ingredients for social impact to create clean formulations. All of of their bottles are made from glass or PCR packaging. 

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