Qixels Season 2 "Glow in the Dark" Design Creator

Available now at our online toy store, create your own design templates and build your cool design one pixel, opppsss, we mean Qixel at a time :)

This pack comes with "glow in the dark" design coloful cubes, so you can create special glowing creations! Wtih 7 silhouetted templates and a blank template with grids, you can place your cubes and create your own unique designs. Not only that, Qixels are the cubes that fuse with water (no heat, glue or oven is required) so you can build your Qixel design, blast it with JUST water. All you have to do is let it dry and then keep creating your own pixel world of monsters, warriors, ninjas and more! how awesomely fun is that :)


1200 x Cubes with some GID cubes
8 x Design Templates
1 x Design Tray
1 x Storage Tray
1 x Water Sprayer 
1 x Instruction Booklet