Jurassic World Figure 5 Pack-Figure Toy by Hasbro

When the Jurassic World Brawlasaurs come to town, tiny humans better run for cover! This 5-pack toy is available in our online toy store and has 5 of the crashiest, bashiest dinos in the prehistoric world. Wind up your Velociraptor dino's tail and crash him into your Triceratops or your Ankylosaurus. Better yet, team your Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus dinos against all three of them! Who's going to be the stomping, chomping champ? It's going to take a whole lot of dino crashing to find out!

To know more about the this 5 pack-figure toy watch this cool video by WD Toys here.

Jurassic World figure pack includes 5 dinos: Velociraptor, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus

  • Each figure's tail winds up for attack
  • Twist to launch your figures at each other
  • Crash and braw

Ages: 4 +

Disclaimer: Not for children under 3 years. Figures contains magnets.